หลอดไฟ ฟิลิปส์มาสเตอร์ Philips MASTER LEDspot LV AR111 15W (75W)15W 12V AC 24D 1800mA

 ประหยัดไฟ และอายุการใช้งานยาวนาน หลอดไฟ Philips LED MasterLEDspot LV AR111

– 15W ให้ความสว่างเทียบเท่าหลอดปกติ 75W

– แสง 2700k
– หรี่ไฟได้ (Dimmable)
– อายุการใช้งานเฉลี่ย 45,000 ชั่วโมง
– CRI90

 Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, MASTER

LEDspot LV AR111 is an ideal retrofit solution for spot and
general lighting applications in the hospitality and retail
industry. It is particularly suitable for general lighting where
the light is on all the time, such as creative accent lighting
applications in shops, restaurants, hotels, and especially for
galleries, exhibitions and museums. The robustly designed
MASTER LEDspot LV AR111 offers various beam angles
for a clearly defined beam spread. There is no UV or IR in
the beam, making it suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive
objects (food, organic materials, paintings, etc.). The
patented intelligent driver enables broad compatibility with
existing electromagnetic and electronic halogen
transformers. MASTER LEDspot LV AR111 delivers huge
energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost without any
reduction in brightness.

• Up to 80% energy saving compared with halogen lamps
• Broad compatibility with transformers
• Retrofittable

• Patented intelligent driver
• Lifetime of 45,000 hours
• Low energy consumption
• Clearly defined beam spread
• UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection for heat-sensitive objects





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